Checkmate of Artificial Intelligence?

November 26th, 2018

Artificial Intelligence – where do we stand?

The topic of AI is now affecting everyone and is an omnipresent topic. Not only private users, but also enterprises at all levels have to deal with it. How can the use of AI make businesses more profitable and competitive? Such and similar questions have long been the subject of large and small business strategy meetings.

Chess is one of the very first study objects of AI and illustrates the developments in machine learning in exemplary fashion. Alan Turing started facing those challenges back in the day when he decoded the German “Enigma” during World War II. Other approaches, such as the brute-force method, followed, and the latest development is a revolutionary approach to go beyond pure computational power and also incorporate the benefits of human intuition.

The history of chess teaches us the following: AI is not created by itself, but is planned, controlled and made possible by people.

For more, see the article by our Head AI Solutions, Richard Forster, on future technologies in the topsoft Fachmagazin, issue 18-4.