Machine Learning Partners – our new center of excellence

May 30th, 2018

Wabion is delighted to introduce Machine Learning Partners, our new center of excellence for machine learning and related topics.

We are convinced that Artificial Intelligence and Big Data will keep having a large impact on our society, our economy as well as our private lives. In matters big and small numerous businesses and services will be completely revolutionized. Old processes will be automated, new fields of work and ideas will emerge.

We rely very consciously on the technologies of Google, which have powered a large part of the technical revolution of the past years. The Google Cloud Platform now makes these technologies available to the community at enormous speed and under attractive conditions. We help our customers, from small and medium enterprises to large corporations, participate in these exciting developments.

In December 2017 Google’s chess program AlphaZero hit the headlines. Within 24 hours it had learned to play chess better than any human or any other machine in decades. A phenomenal success, and yet also a very artificial one, for it will never be possible to map the real world to AlphaZero.

Instead, we firmly believe in the combination: the future is human-digital. Lasting success will emerge where artificial and human intelligence will complement each other harmoniously!